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And Everything in Between: disciplines in dialogue


Laurie Grove Baths, Goldsmiths, University of London

Co-organised with Seet Yun Teng and Quek Jia Qi


This is an inter-college discursive project that allows diverse academic fields to come together in dialogues mediated by artists. The small-scale project was mainly directed at young professionals and university students, involving participants from academic fields such as geophysics, law, history, philosophy, architecture, and more. 


The project took place over two months through meetups in cafes and virtual platforms, participants are encouraged to freely translate the discussions into a mini-creative presentation of collaborations and ideas.


Notes on River Thames from the perspectives of law, geophysics, and visual cultures.

Three satirical logo designs as an investigation into the fetishisation of colonialism in contemporary branding in Hong Kong and Singapore. From the perspectives of history (as an academic specialisation), architecture, and visual cultures.  


Discussion and sharing of experiences 

Participant sharing their discussion on immigration, citizenship, and politicising of the human body, from the perspectives of political science and visual cultures.


Mini-library to showcase key readings from different academic curriculums.

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