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Azure Mountains

Part of K11 Group X ArtReview Artist-in-Residence Programme


Mixed media on fabric

60cm x 60cm | 60cm x 60cm


This work delves into Wuhan's steel and iron industry's past and present, spotlighting both domestic and urban landscapes. The domestic facet is portrayed through an interior scene captured within the retirement apartments of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, holding archival materials that chart the development of the city’s metallurgy industry. This calm interior stands in stark contrast to the bustling city with its rapid developments. From Qingshan's parks, one can witness barges and ships traversing the Yangtze River, vanishing into the distance.

To underscore the distinction between these two temporal and spatial dimensions, the work uses pigments crafted from iron oxide powder and stainless-steel powder. Iron oxide, commonly known as rust, is a time-worn byproduct, imbuing the material with an inherent sense of age. Stainless steel represents advancement, enduring the passage of time unaltered. This contrast, combined with the progression from iron to steel, enriches the conversation between the two image and their thematic content.


About the Residency

The international open call of the Artist-in-Residence Programme co-presented by K11 Group and international contemporary art magazine ArtReview received over 220 applications from over 40 countries and regions. The partnership seeks to build a meaningful cultural exchange programme between artists from China and those from the rest of the world.


Residents are offered an integrated studio and living space, a group exhibition of works developed during the residency, as well as curated outreach programmes encompassing studio visits, seminars and exchange with local practitioners and art communities. An international Masterclass programme will also be presented to facilitate the dialogue exchange between emerging practitioners in China and the international art scene.

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