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Stating the Obvious on State Lands

2021 - 2022



Hougang (1°20'53.6"N 103°53'19.8"E)

This series adopts the interventive gesture of flagplanting as a method to subvert the omnipresent yet invisible structure of land governance with individual agency. The work highlights the subtle totality of state landownership in the land-scarce country, while also serving as a form of documentation of the transient cityscape. Flags bearing the official logo of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) are clandestinely planted on SLA-owned properties and open fields that are temporarily vacant and reserved for urban developments, as a form of unauthorised declaration.

Macpherson (1°19'40.5"N 103°53'18.4"E)

Kaki Bukit (1°20'20.0"N 103°54'58.2"E)

Gillman Barracks (1°16'41.3"N 103°48'15.7"E)

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