Automat (After Edward Hopper)

2019 - ongoing

Photograph series


25 December 2019, 00:47 SGT

Taken on Christmas nights in Singapore's central business district, this expanding series tracks the aesthetic of Christmas trees within corporate architecture. Suspended in stillness and isolation, the artificiality of these trees goes beyond plastic branches and perfect cones. They form fragments of non-places that are increasing in both numbers and uniformity under a globalised capitalist economy. Along with empty lounge chairs, the trees form a standard composition of objects which are simultaneously inviting and impersonal, public yet alienated. 

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25 December 2020, 01:27 SGT


25 December 2019, 02:44 SGT


25 December 2020, 01:31 SGT


25 December 2021, 02:25 SGT