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Mixed media on fabric

Iron Oxide | Stainless Steel


Mixed media
Leather | Toilet paper

Lo-Fi Love_edited.jpg
220910 and 11 Xiaocong-23 edcla.jpg


Site-specific installation

Isomalt | Lecture readings




Ge Xiaocong's practice seeks to examine potential narratives and underlying contradictions through still life and objects. Her works reveal the cultural and societal frameworks subtly reflected within the materiality of her mediums. In her creative process, she manipulates different materials to harness their poetic potential, generating tension by contrasting their physical properties with their form. Natural processes undergone by materials narrate the relationship between objects or surfaces and their surroundings, consequently reflecting a certain connection between ourselves and our environment.

Ge recently completed her residency under the K11 Group x ArtReview Artist-in-Residence Programme. She was also shortlisted for The Warden’s Prize 2018 in Goldsmiths, University of London, and was awarded the Highly Commendable Award in the 31st United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award Youth Section.


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